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A photo of Rosalind Franklin, whose revolutionary work led to the discovery of the structure of DNA.


Here you can write about the unique science and artistry behind your work.

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Here you can write about the unique journey that brought you to private practice.

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A nice invitation for your patients is placed here. For example:

If you’d like to arrange a consultation with me, I’d be very happy to see you. Your first step is to send a confidential message to me, using the form below.

If I feel I’m the right doctor for your needs, we can schedule an appointment. I’ll also be able to advise on any tests you should have beforehand.

If I’m not best suited to look after you, my role will be to point you in the right direction.

I look forward to hearing from you.
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Thank you

Thank you for your enquiry, a member of my team will be in touch with some next steps.

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